10 Clever Productivity Tips for 2021

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In a world of constant distractions and notifications, being productive seems like an impossible challenge. However, the good people of the internet try and look for ways to improve their productivity and help them lead a better life. The key to being productive at work is to focus on the few business-critical goals and deliver on them as they will propel your career and earnings. You should eliminate distractions, tune-up your planning and preparation, optimize your use of technology, and harness the power of your team.

Here’s a few key components to becoming more productive while adjusting to the new world of work.

  1. Recognize and reward your team
  2. Automate where you can and as much as you can
  3. Organize regular check-ins with team members
  4. Use productivity tools and planners
  5. Delegate efficiently and work collaboratively
  6. Encourage short, frequent breaks
  7. Schedule set hours of the day to complete certain tasks
  8. Have a cut-off time
  9. Complete urgent to-do’s
  10. Assign tomorrows tasks at the end of the day to start the next day strong

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