Becoming the Computer Warrior in 2016

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With 2016 finally here, new years resolutions are being made around the world! Noble goals of: losing weight, hitting the gym 
and traveling more. May these resolutions last a lifetime … well, at least until Jan 17, national “Ditch you Resolution Day.” So rather than trying to make the — near impossible — switch between a snickers bar and an apple, make a commitment to stay up to date with technology, by getting over your technophobia!  So sit back, loosen your belt buckle, grab that snickers bar you’ve been hiding, and help us help you become the computer warrior you were born to be!


Becoming the Computer Warrior


While the odds of you having a crippling fear of technology is low (no judgments if that demon on your desk haunts your dreams), many people lack the basic skills to maneuver through their own computers. Because either you don’t have time in the day to mess around with your tech or simply don’t have the desire were here to give you all the tips and tricks of the trade. In this, the first of three, posts we will focus on 2 common problems people have in their everyday computer use.


Slow Computers


One of the most common problems for both the business world and for personal computers is speed. Many computer users see the speed of their brand new computer quickly decline, and rarely do you have the expertise to fix the problem. However here are a few tips and tricks to keep your computer running smoothly:

  • Running too long without a reboot Many people run their computer a little to hard, while a reboot is not required all the time, try restarting each Friday or once a week
  • Check your background applications These can be running in the background and eat up your processing power
  • Your hard drive might be full –  Hard drives fill slowly as you use your computer, try adding new memory sources or clearing out old programs
  • Your computer might also simply be overheating – A computer requires a source of cool air to keep it running cool, make sure it has adequate air flow


The Internet is Slow


The trick to slow internet is to find out first if it is the computers fault or if its the internet itself. Use internet speed tests to determine your internet speeds, the minimum speeds should be at least 50% of what the carriers promised speeds are. Here are a few tips to help you get connected again:

  • Give your router and modem a quick restart – Like all devices every now and then its a great idea to unplug and reboot your equipment
  • Turn of bandwidth hogging apps – Some apps and plugins can hog up your bandwidth slowing down your internet connection
  • Try tweaking your wireless routers antenna Try positioning your router where it can more easily service your needs
  • Finally, if all else fails, contact your internet provider We all know its a pain, but if all else fails … hope you like elevator music


Protek-pointerComputer Issues can be daunting tasks, but with these tips and tricks, your one step closer to becoming a computer warrior! To continue learning more tips and tricks for
your computer use, check out our other two articles to help you become the computer warrior in 2016 (coming soon). Also check out our Tips and Tricks page, to help you use your computer to its full potential. If all else fails, contact us, our                                 experienced technicians would love to talk with you!