Creating a BYOD Plan


Many companies are now allowing employees to “BYOD” or Bring Your Own Device to work. It’s great for the company, as they don’t have to worry about obtaining new equipment for the employee. It’s great for the employee who can get exactly what they want to use to do their job. It also minimizes the […]

Climate in Post-Trump America

Personal Belief on any subject is not prudent to a conversation in science, this, an age-old tenant of the institution is now — more than ever — central to the discourse on climate change. And Donald Trump is now the centerpiece of this conversation. As the main player on the global stage, America has a […]

DARPA and The Future of Biotech

Although originally established 50 years ago to spearhead military research and development, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has been the creative force behind many things civilians now take for granted, such as the internet and GPS, and for the past three years, DARPA has been busy working on other types of projects that […]

Trump Weights in on Russian Hacks

Donald Trump showed off his IT security expertise at a New Year’s Eve Party, suggesting to party goers that the best way to keep secrets from hackers is a huge airgap. “No computer is safe,” he told journalists gathered at his Mar-A-Lago resort in Florida, a warning that many security experts would most definitely endorse. Trump […]

A Treatment For Blindness?

Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) is a rare genetic disorder that sabotages the retina’s ability to respond to light by disabling rod photoreceptors. The National Eye Institute estimates that one in 4,000 people around the world are affected by the disorder. However, new advances in the UK may have Brits seeing alleviation from the illness soon (pun […]

The Cosmic Erase Button: Vacuum Decay

Theoretical physicists have just theorized an alarming proposition, a galaxy wide self-destruct button. This cosmic delete button exists in the very fabric of our fundamental understanding of nature. To be specific, it’s a quantum field known as the Higgs Field. So, how can the Higgs field set off this cosmological self-destruct sequence? It has much […]

Virtual Assistants, Chat-bots and 2017

The rise of voice activated Artificial Intelligence blossomed in 2016, enabling users to achieve various ends by simply delegating the task in a conversational manner to a virtual assistant. Enabling users to order Taco Bell using Slack’s messaging interface, check the status of their UPS Packages and order office supplies from staples. In 2017, many […]

Security in 2017

Ransomware threats will grow in 2017 2016 came to a close as one of the most tumultuous years in recent memory, with the upset of the century in our presidential election and a general feeling of insecurity. Sadly, we’re not here to alleviate that unrest, the numbers are in and 2016 was a bad year […]

VR Now Being Used As Treatment For Labor Pains

The pain of childbirth is completely undeniable, to those who have gone through it, and even those who have not. Therefore, there has been a massive push to try and mitigate the pain of childbirth, possibly avoiding the pain entirely. A New York hospital is experimenting with the idea of pain management using virtual reality […]

Is A Universal Basic Income The Answer To Automation

The technological innovation of the last decade has been undeniably powerful, giving way to the smart phone, computers, and globalization. But possibly one of the most socially impactful devices to be born of the technological revolution …automation. Automation is becoming an extremely pressing issue for much of the working class and, by extension, the economy. […]