Amazon Service Brings Thousands of Companies Down

On Tuesday this week AWS (Amazon Web Services) suffered an outage that left several websites and services down for hours. This was not the work of hackers or a DDoS attack though, it looks like the S3 service took a nose dive on the east coast which caused even (a site dedicated to letting […]

Edward Snowden Tackles Phone Security

When Edward Snowden met with reporters in a Hong Kong hotel room to reveal NSA secrets, he famously asked them to put their phones in the fridge to block any radio signals that might be used to secretly activate the devices microphones or cameras. It’s fitting then that 3 years later he has returned to […]

Is the New iOS 10 Just A Lockscreen Now?

It’s easy to see change as a negative, especially if that change effects something close to you. And in today’s world what’s closer to you than your smartphone? Ask anyone and likely they would be hesitant to let you change anything on their phone, even a seemingly small change can have a large impact after […]

USB Lock; An Innovative Solution

The ways criminals gain access to your personal information and passwords are ever changing. But a timeless staple has been the keylogger, a low maintenance, hard to detect alternative way into your machine. These devices do exactly what it sounds like, they log and store every keystroke you make with your keyboard.   The true […]

Facebook Is Back In Court Over Privacy Violations

Facebook has found itself back in court surrounding allegations of violating federal privacy laws by scanning private messages. According to the class action lawsuit filed last Wednesday in North California District court.     The allegations center around Facebook’s practice of scanning and logging URLs sent through the sites private messaging service. Facebook claims that […]

Hackers Selling 117 Million LinkedIn Passwords

LinkedIn experienced a massive hacking four years ago, what initially seemed to be a theft of 6.5 million passwords has revealed itself to be a breach of nearly 117 million. Last Wednesday the professional social network revealed that the massive compromise of login credentials were being sold on the black market. The largest problem with […]

Who’s Really to Blame for Falling PC Sales

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Is the PC really dying? PC sales have been steadily declining for some time now, but does that mean its impending death. Take a look at any desktop in the industrialized world, there will be a PC sitting atop it.     The Truth The PC is not dying, just like it was not dying […]

India Just Made Solar Cheaper Than Coal

In 2015 India announced an astounding goal, that solar energy would become cheaper than coal in 5 years. By 10% in fact. This is a monumental task in India where 6 of the 10 most polluted cities of the world reside.     Well now in 2016 it’s revealed that India will not reach its […]


Calls for renewable energy sources are getting louder, and they seem to have acquired a few more heavy hitters to back the movement. Silicon Valley wants to go green, with the tech giants: Google, Apple, Amazon and Microsoft all backing an initiative to push America towards renewables.   Google revealed on their Blog, that the […]