File Sharing 101 and How to help eliminate risk

In this day and age computers and tech as a whole are capable of storing all types of files, including documents, songs, videos, and full applications. When you move one or more files from your device to another device or remote location, you are partaking in file sharing. What Are The Pros and Cons of […]

All about Microsoft Edge and why you should make the switch

Microsoft Edge is one of the most popular internet browsers around. Here’s a few reasons why you could love it too. 1. Seamless integration with Windows 10 If you spend a lot of time with Windows 10, then Edge is the perfect companion. For example, if you use Cortana to run a web search from […]

Why you should use Microsoft Outlook on your mobile device

In this day and age you will rarely see people using one device to access their email and messages. Most business employees and department heads will most likely have an email app on your phone for managing your inbox on-the-go. Microsoft Outlook can be helpful and extremely useful in a variety of ways, especially on […]

2021 Hardware Shortages & Delays: What to expect?

As we look into the future it’s becoming more apparent that we will see more delays in the tech industry, starting with hardware. We know you’ve heard us speak about the ongoing hardware shortage – which now looks like it will be delayed even more to 2022. COVID-19 triggered a huge blow up of the remote […]

Your Laptop Was Stolen, What To Do Next?

1. Make Sure it Was Actually Stolen.  If you’ve ever been around a child who has lost their crayon, you know how silly it can be to assume that any missing item means you were a victim of theft. Don’t automatically assume your laptop is stolen. Retrace your steps to where you last recall using […]

10 Clever Productivity Tips for 2021

In a world of constant distractions and notifications, being productive seems like an impossible challenge. However, the good people of the internet try and look for ways to improve their productivity and help them lead a better life. The key to being productive at work is to focus on the few business-critical goals and deliver on them as […]

The Difference Between Malware VS Ransomware

Many businesses ask our techs what the difference is between malware and ransomware. Here are a few things that differentiate the two. First question, what is the definition of malware and ransomware? Malware is a computer virus designed to replicate and copy itself from file to file or program to program. Ransomware is a sub-type […]

Website cloning: Don’t fall for that trap!

Website cloning: Don’t fall for that trap! Have you watched one of those horror movies where the something impersonates the protagonist only to wreak havoc later? Well, website cloning does the same thing–to your business–in real life. Website cloning is one of the most popular methods among scammers to fleece you of your money. As […]

BYOD=Bring your own disaster?

BYOD=Bring your own disaster? Workplaces today have changed. They extend beyond the working hours, beyond the cubicles. Whether you are commuting to work or even vacationing, chances are you or your employees take a break from the break to reply to those important emails that require ‘immediate action’. Plus, there may even be employees who […]

Get smart about smartphones

Microsoft Windows Update

Get smart about smartphones With flexible working schedules, remote teams and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies in force, it is has become commonplace for employees and business owners alike to use smartphones for work purposes. A quick reply to an email, sharing that sales presentation, glancing over that vendor proposal–all on a smartphone–is something […]