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As we celebrate Valentine’s Day this month, even Cupid cannot deny the affect that technology has had on our society. Not only is it convenient to find love on line, but it is easier than ever to keep in contact with our loved ones via texting, email, and facetime. We have grown to love and rely upon technology and the advancements it has brought to this great country. We are indeed considered the digital generation.

Imagine Life without the Internet or mobile phones. Millions of people all over the world now use the internet (specifically smartphones) for everything including online banking, investments, research, publishing, Skype, doing homework, buying books, playing or downloading books, data, games, music, movies, and recipes. The levels of user participation and publication on the Internet have also skyrocketed from blogs, podcasts, and interactive wikis, to services for sharing photos and video clips via YouTube and Instagram. Social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and twitter are rapidly growing forms of communication in our society.

How has technology had an impact on your life? Without the internet, planes would not fly, financial markets would not operate, supermarkets would not restock, taxes would not get paid and power grids would not balance the supply and demand for electricity.

Technology does not stop with our country alone, but has quickly become a worldwide epidemic that has impacted every country great and small that dots the earth for both personal and business use. Technology has truly provided a way for humans to connect on a global scale.

For the love of Technology, I dare you to put your phone down for a day…how long can you survive without it?