Four Reasons Technology Fails (and what do about it)

Four Reasons Technology Fails (and what do about it) Most people underestimate the amount of maintenance technology requires. IT hardware gets old and exposed to relentless wear and tear, while operating systems and other software tools need continuous updates. Business leaders should implement a proactive approach to hardware and software maintenance. If you want to […]

Protect Your Business from Ransomware

With the spread of ransomware viruses like WannaCry and Petya lately, it’s becoming extremely important to know how to protect yourself from these damaging viruses. The way ransomware works is that it encrypts the files on your computer or on your server so you can not access them unless you pay for the decryption key. […]

What Protek Does to Shield You From Ransomware

April saw the largest increase in Ransomware attacks in the history of the malware, an increase of 159% from just the previous month. But the prevalence of Ransomware is not a new occurrence; the malware has been slowly increasing in popularity with an average increase in usage of 9-20% each month.   Ransomware is especially […]

3 Results Businesses are Demanding from Their Outsourced IT Services Provider

Outsourced IT

Outsourcing your companies IT is a great way to free up money and take advantage of time-saving remote services. Businesses have different reasons for signing up for outsourced IT, but many clients have similar expectations of the results they want out of their managed IT services provider. The expectations of outsourced IT clients were determined […]


Technology might be growing more mobile, but the need for support remains the same. Yet, the need for technical support on-the-go grows ever more important. What will happen to your business if you aren’t able to get remote IT support, and it’s an emergency? What will you do when you’re in a bind and your […]

Does Your IT Department Wanna Go Fast?

In the same way that there are two sides to every issue, there are two sides to every IT department. IT departments of today are expected to both maintain IT infrastructures and implement new money-making solutions. It’s like IT is a road with two lanes – a fast lane and a slow lane. IT in […]