VoIP – Is Internet Phone Right For You?

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You may have heard people reference VoIP, but what is it? VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol and is your phone through the internet. It is has rapidly been gaining popularity over the past few years. What are the features and benefits of VoIP? Is it right for you? Let’s dive a little deeper and see if this is a viable option for your business?

What is it?

VoIP is phone system that utilizes the internet to make phone calls instead of landlines we are all used to. With this option, you still use a traditional looking phone, but the only difference is that instead of plugging into a phone jack into the wall, phones are plugged into your computer or an internet port. Here is a short video about Jive which is the VoIP service Protek uses for our clients.

Features and Benefits

There are many features and benefits to using VoIP.

  1. Scale With Business – When it comes to your business, the number of people needing phones at any one time is always changing. With VoIP, if you need more phones, you just need to purchase a handset and plug it in. If people leave the business, it is as easy as unplugging the phone. This service makes it easy to scale up or down according to your needs.
  2. Conference Calling – Jive has partnered with Go-To-Meeting to provide conference calling to their customers. Being able to connect easily with all your employees and clients is easy with this feature. Conference calling has just upped its game.
  3. Call Forwarding – If you would like to receive calls from where ever you are, VoIP has the ability to forward calls to another phone or to your cell phone. You can adjust the settings to your needs.
  4. Call Waiting and Transferring – If you know one of your colleagues is out of the office, you can transfer their calls directly to their voicemail. This will not only keep the caller from getting transferred several times, but will help your colleagues be able to answer their calls when it is convenient for them.
  5. Caller ID – You can customize the number that you want to show up when your callers call your employees. This makes your business look unified and professional.
  6. Customized messages – Each of your employees can have a customized business message or one message. This will make ensure your callers have a consistent experience when they call anyone in your office.
  7. Voicemail Access – If you miss a call, your voicemail will be transcribed to an email. This easily lets you know if you have a missed call without having to check your phone. You will get the voicemail right in your email inbox.
  8. Savings – There is a huge savings when you go with VoIP over phone company. Businesses can save on an average to 50% of their monthly phone bill. You also receive a more robust range of services that you didn’t have with your regular phone line. High speeds, ingrained mobility, and real-time communications.
  9. Mobile Friendly – VoIP systems can help businesses that have multiple locations and remote users. It works great for people that travel or work from home. You can have all your phones (work, home, and cell) all set up to the same phone numbers so no one knows you aren’t working from the office. VoIP enables your employees to communicate from anywhere on any device.
  10. Conference Calling – Being able to conference call your coworkers from anywhere is a huge benefit for any business. You don’t have to worry about long distance or international charges any longer.
  11. Increases Productivity – Having internet phone can help increase productivity because of the above features. Your phones will literally work smarter not harder.

If you are looking to save money on your business phones and would like to see if VoIP is a good option for your business, call Protek at 801.999.4767. We can give you a quote and help you make an informed decision.

Here is a helpful Infographic on how Americans Use Phones.