Washington Wants A Say in Small Business Security

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A presidential cybersecurity commission wraps up its information-gathering phase with a hearing this week in Huston, where they are requesting public comments. Another event is planned for next month in Minneapolis with the hopes to tie together a long-term cyberstrategy by a Dec. 1 deadline.


The commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity was launched under president Obama’s executive order this year. The umbrella mandate that it was formed to fulfill is to examine all facets of the cybersecurity policy puzzle.

In Huston on July 14, the panel will discuss challenges facing operators of critical infrastructure such as pipelines, the electrical grid, and telecommunications systems. As well as state and local-government issues. In Minneapolis the retail sector’s cybersecurity problems are the top agenda.

The department is sharpening its focus on cyberissues relating specifically to smaller entities often seen as the weak link in the supply chains of larger corporations. This is because smaller chains rarely have the resources for cybersecurity compared to their larger competition.

There are those that are expressing concern over government oversight on such a pressing issue, especially one that can quickly get costly.



Small Business Big Needs

Smaller entities need access to services and experience, not just financial resources. This is where complications arise with the government oversight, as the current direction seems to be focused on financial resources rather than actual expertise.

With the recent focus on cybersecurity coming from Washington, by not only the president but from congress itself: like the cybersecurity Act of 2015. These issues are likely to continue as more regulation and oversight are on the horizon.




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