Protek Can Help With Your Office 365 Migration

Protek is a local IT Support company that can help you migrate to Office 365.We are a certified Microsoft partner with years of experience helping our clients manage and service their Microsoft products and have helped the majority of our clients make the move to Microsoft Office 365. Whether you are using your product at […]

How Can Office 365 Help Your Business?

Microsoft Office 365

Communication is essential to business teams. The need to talk with internal teams, vendors, and clients is crucial to your success. Businesses need to use the most efficient software they can in an effort to keep lines of communication open with everyone. One solution that is making huge strides in this effort is Office 365. […]

Changes Coming to

Outlook Features

Microsoft has been beta testing changes to the user interface for many of the aspects of for a little while now. In the coming weeks, you will be able to see the results of these beta tests and some revamped features within Microsoft announced this week. Some of the new/changed features include: Mail—A […]

Windows May Be Adding Guided Help Tutorials

Guided Help With Windows

Microsoft has always tried to make computing experiences more user-friendly. From the beloved (or annoying depending on how you looked at it) Clippy within Microsoft Office products back in the day, to wizards that try to walk you through basic troubleshooting and tasks. Most can say they probably haven’t nailed it yet with these assistance tools. […]

iOS 11 Creates Mail Issues with Office 365

Office 365

Apple has begun rolling out iOS 11 to various iPhones and iPads from the iPhone 5s to the newest releases. One issue has already been discovered, and it is not good news if you use Office 365 or for your email account with Apple’s native email application. Users have reported that when they tried […]

Microsoft Office Tricks You Didn’t Know About

Microsoft Office

When you use Microsoft Office, you generally stick to the things you know how to do. Depending on when you learned how to use Office in the first place, a LOT could have changed from then until now. The main basic functions are still there, and it can be hard to explore the application when […]

Microsoft Releases Patches for XP


In a rare move, Microsoft released a security patch for Windows XP and Server 2003 for the second time in as many months. This is rare, as Microsoft typically won’t release any updates after the company has announced the end of life for a product. Windows XP reached end of life on April 8th, 2014 […]

Microsoft’s plans for Cortana domination


Cortana is Microsoft’s digital assistant. Much like Siri, Alexa, and whoever is talking . This week Microsoft announced a new smart speaker to take on the Google Home and the Amazon Echo called Invoke. The speaker, which is manufactured by Harmon will be powered by Cortana and will have some great features that will set […]

Microsoft Looks to Eliminate Passwords

Passwords are just SO last year, right?? Well, according to Microsoft, passwords may just be a thing of the past soon, and they are looking to lead the way! Microsoft announced this week that they are rolling out a new feature called phone sign-in. How it works is when you go to login to your […]

Microsoft Launches Chat Program with Teams

Announced back in November, Microsoft Teams has now been launched! This is a brand new collaboration tool from Microsoft to help with communication and collaboration within a business. Messaging or chat apps have been dominating businesses for quite a while, and they continue to improve. I remember using MSN Instant Messenger WAY back when, and […]